Sunday, May 24, 2009

the passion

Finally I did it! I created a new blog. So welcome everyone here at
this blog will be basically about one thing! about my unbelieveable strong passion. We all do have certain passions, don't we? A lot of them we share for sure. Even this passion I am talking about a lot of people share with me...

Let's imagine, it's 6AM in the morning your alarm is ringing and you have to get off your bed to go to work. You take a look out of the window, it seems to be a rainy and foggy morning. Damn it, back to bed, right? ... Well, you have your duty and so you will be a good employee and proceed to your work place... Now comes the difference... For usual once the day started like that and if you are a kind of moody person during this typical autumn weather you would stay "depressed" the whole day.

Let's now imagine your working place is a very small room with two seats and lots of computers at the very front of a long tube. Imagine this tube is moveable. And yeah it will move, it will even move very fast and after some minutes of moving you will look out of your window and you will observe that you just passed the thick layer of fog and clouds. What you can see now is a wonderful sun-rise and all the bad mood caused by the bad and could autumn weather and your alarm clock will have turned into just one thing. A very bright smile on your face...

That's the passion I am talking about. That's my passion and my dream. The PASSION OF FLYING!...


  1. And why is this comment box not in Thai?!!?! Jajajaja! Keep the passion ablaze! Hope to see you fly around Europe someday! :D

  2. and don't forget me when you have cutehotsexylatinoorspanishspeaking pilot friends!

  3. hey we share the same passion :) btw where did you get my blog ?

  4. oh i see :) so how old are you ? im 15 =)

  5. Its not a bad passion at all. I look forward to sitting up front of one of those very fast tube eventually. Currently I'm in a bag of bolts that is repelled from the ground

  6. haha..
    i really want to be a pilot..
    like you..

    can you speak malay??