Saturday, January 16, 2010

let's get it started

allright guys. I think it's time to post something after a loooooooooong time of silence here.
End of July '09 I returned from Malaysia. Back in Germany I only realized what a nice time I had overthere and esspecially how many really nice people I got known to. But well, all of us knew that the day will come I have to leave my nice life with AFS in Malaysia and return to Germany to get back to 'real life'... That's what happened. First thing back in Germany I felt sick. Nice start eh? Well then I spend time in preparing myself for the second stage of the entry assesment for Lufthansa's flight school. Actually there was nothing much to prepare, since it was sort of psychologial test's ... So I should show myself as I am, shouldn't I? Well this is what I did, but I didn't pass ... whatever ... there are other ways to fly... So I started arranging things to get into one of the flight schools. First step was to get the medical. Then to arrange for a loan etc... It was really stressful and made myself uncertain at many times but however now finally all is clear and arranged. So I am finally able to announce that I am going to start flight training in Feb '10 :-)...

It's gonna be a 18-months long ab-inito course. Therotical training will take place in Frankfurt (Germany) and practical training phases will take place in Vero Beach, Florida (USA) and Rostock (Germany)...

So startin on the 8th of Feb '10 the first 8 weeks theoritical phase is going to start in Frankfurt, followed by 13 weeks of flying in sunny Vero Beach :)...

Finally it's time to "set take-off thrust" :)...


  1. have started with the step ahead.....I'm waiting to fly in ur my pilot k.....yehaaaaa........

  2. Ice vermiss dich and I love you so much only

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  4. Hi there.. where are you? Well I just bumped to your comment at Shara's Blogs.. So I've visited here..
    As a aspire pilot [who are till have looonng journey to go for pilot life] I just curious to know your story more. keep writing please? hehe